Modern model of the Russian Village of the Future

By developing our project, we intend it as a place where city residents will be excited both to relax and live and work. We create our space thinking about nature; we convey these values to our audience, too.

Территория более 500 га

Больше 30 эко-домиков

24 номера в гостинице с настоящей теплицей

Дома, напечатанные на 3D-принтере


Своя сыроварня

Магазин натуральных фермерских продуктов

Конные прогулки

Мастер-классы, экскурсии и дегустации

Апидомики и пасека

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Stay / Accommodation / Booking
Eco Park offers a variety of beautiful, comfortable, eco-friendly, energy-efficient houses for our guests to stay in.
  • Greenhouse Hotel
  • Ark House
  • Guest Houses
  • A restaurant and a summer café
Greenhouse Hotel

The Greenhouse Hotel is an example of eco-friendly and energy-efficient housing construction. Heating is provided for by a geothermal pump, hot water is heated by the sun through solar collectors, and in winter, it is heated by a wood-burning stove. 400-meter greenhouse is protected from the north.

Ark House

Our two-story Farm Guest House has two main purposes under the Ark House concept: animal housing and Eco Park guests accomodation. At the same time, the building is designed to provide comfortable living arrangements for everyone under the same roof.

Guest Houses

Live in the uniquely designed architectural houses of the Herd series: We have two Cow Houses (small and big), as well as the two-story orange Bull House!

A restaurant and a summer café

Food made from natural farm products by our Chef. And in the summer café, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the pond and admire colorful sunsets.

Eco Farm in the Moscow Region
Vastness of nature and the quiet not far from Moscow
The location on the border of the Tula and Moscow Regions and the M4 freeway is what makes Eco Farm more accessible to visitors.
Comfortable stay in modern architecture houses
Home atmosphere of care and peace
We made sure that your stay in Yasno Pole will only leave you with the most pleasant memories and you enjoy every moment you spend with us.
A healthy vacation for the whole family!
Have a healthy and exciting vacation!
Here you can find activities to your liking at any time of the year. Horse rides, ceramics or cheese making masterclasses, scenic routes, seasonal activities!